September 2010

Together we now Pray:

Sept 5 - Prayer >

"I Believe in knowing Truth"
Sept 12 - Prayer >
"I Believe in speaking Truth"
Sept 19 - Prayer >
"I Believe in telling Truth"
Sept 26 -
Prayer >
"I Believe there is Divine Truth"

We together declare:
I Believe the Spiritual Substance
of the Divine Holy Spirit is now
filling my heart and my mind
and my body with its light
I Believe in my ability to define my
world by my ability to Believe
In Truth, through my Creative Spirit
I Believe in conscious realization
of the Inner Divine Spiritual
Essence in all mankind.

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Come Join Us:

Sunday Worship Services
Join us at 7:00 AM &/or 7:00 PM in this prayer and affirm with each of us the Belief that our joint prayers enter the Divine Substance of God Almighty and thereby become Reality.

Inner Truth Suggestion
After reading the prayer of the day do Your Own Personal Questing:

Measure your Belief in today's Inner Truth Suggestion on the chart above. You will get the percentage you truly believe, out of this statement concerning your life. If you get a response of less than 50%, relax, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and silently repeat the statement until it becomes effortless, then measure again. Repeat this process until your reading is over 80%. Your presence In Truth is always 100%.

0% - - - - - - - - - - 50 - - - - - - - - - - 100%